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EZ Steel started in 2010 as a service center for Quirion Metal’s need in the Alberta region. EZ Steel expanded rapidly, developing specialized expertise producing miscellaneous metals for Quirion Metal projects. Miscellaneous metals require unique know-how because the product itself is simply different. EZ Steel is able to provide local service and allows Quirion Metal to offer a unique approach in customer service.

Over time, EZ Steel began to develop its own client base and projects. Today, it not only serves Quirion Metal’s need, but also a large number of local Alberta customers.



Edmonton Construction Association

Quirion Métal Inc. is a proud member of CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction) and has earned its CISC Quality Certification! These certifications are a testament to our ability to fulfill your projects – whether they're commercial, industrial, institutional or even turnkey. Our highly skilled staff will be more than happy to meet your requirements.